Sugar dunes : Oman must-see!

Sugar Dunes Desert
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The Sugar Dunes desert in Oman is one of the most magnificent desert I have seen. Pristine white sand dunes, endless untouched beaches,…Do not miss this fabulous spot!

Sugar Dunes Desert

I had the opportunity to hike through the Sugar Dunes during my first visit in Oman, unforgettable memories. We hiked during 2 days and went wild camping. It is much less visited than the Wahiba sands desert (no desert camp, no nothing). If you have the time to go there, don’t hesitate and do it!


White sand stays cold even on a hot day. You might be tempted, like I was, to walk barefoot….Don’t forget to protect them with suncream! (I forgot it)  White sand has a very (did I say very?!)  strong reflecting power.. Your feet will thank you :)

(Credit for the beautiful pictures : Claudine Severens, friend and travel companion. Thank you :))

To get there

You will need a 4×4 Landcruiser type of car and to be at least a convoy of two cars. (In case one get stuck in the sand). You could also contact one of the many tourism agencies in Oman, they can organize trip/night-over there. (Note that is not as mainstream as the Wahiba desert. You might need to contact a few agencies to find one going there)

The easiest way to access it, in my opinion is if you drive to the fisherman’s village of Al Khaluf (worth visiting). The Sugar Dunes are located, two bays north. We did walk along the coast to get there (beautiful hike) but you should be able to drive there as well.

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