Ras Al Jinz/Ras Al Hadd : Turtle watching in Oman

Ras Al Jinz Beach
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Last time I traveled to Oman, I finally got to see the Green Turtles! A magical experience <3 For those who want to know more about it (and see many cute turtle pictures) : Here is a post for you!


First you should know that the Green Turtle is an endangered species and sadly victim of poaching. They come to the Omani coast during the night to lay their eggs. After two months, the eggs will hatch and the baby turtles will rush to the ocean to begin their long journey.

If you want to go turtle watching in Oman, please do go with a guide! Even if you are the most respectful person on earth, you might without realizing it disturb the turtles. Guides know how to approach them and how to behave around them. They can also teach you a lot about this wonderful animal.

The government has put the Green Turtle protection as one of its priority (police patrol along the coast). Camping is strictly forbidden in this area (beach area).

Turtle watching tours take place either early in the morning (before sunrise 4 am) or in the evening (9 pm) as the turtles only come to the coast during the night.

You should book your tour in advance. Places are limited. Price : 3 OMR/ person (about 6 EUR/ 8 USD) : Turtle reserve Ras Al Jinz


You can go wild camping anywhere except on the beaches (police patrol).

For those who wants to sleep in an hotel. The turtle reserve Ras Al Jinz offers accommodations. Great for the early tours as you just need to step out of your bed and Voila! However it is expensive (Double room 65 OMR).

My friend and I stayed at the Turtle Beach Resort in Ras Al Hadd where we booked a so-called “Turtle room” (cheapest) 45 OMR/night. I must say that it was quite a pleasant surprise! From the outside, the camp looks more like a military camp in the middle of nowhere and we thought “45 OMR for…that?!”… but on the inside it is quite cute : small huts, bar/restaurant with view on the beach,.. and the Turtle reserve is not so far way. Nice stay. Recommended!

If you have other accommodation tips in the area, please let me know. I would love to hear about them :)

To get there

Ras Al Jinz (Turtle reserve)

Ras Al Hadd “Turtle beach resort” website

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