Slottskogen : the heart of Gothenburg (Swedish Sunday #1)

Slottskogen Lake
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Today’s post will be the first post of my “Swedish Sundays” series where every Sunday I will post about one of my favorite places in Sweden.

My first “Swedish Sunday” is about an amazing park in Gothenburg (Göteborg) : “Slottskogen” (translated “The castle’s forest”). This is an absolute must-see when visiting Gothenburg. If you are lucky enough to come during the spring – the Azalea-maze is a wonder to not miss. Come have a look! :)

Slottskogen is the heart of Gothenburg. There is always something happening there and it is, during spring and summer time, the meeting place for all Swedes living in Gothenburg.  There is something for everyone :DSC_0237

  • Great picnic and barbecue areas for family and friends gatherings
  • Zoo featuring Swedish wildlife and a “Children farm” where children can pet farm animals
  • Variety of landscapes : park, forest, rocky cliffs for nature lovers and photographers
  • Running trails, beach volley fields, mini-gold, Frisbee-golf, (…)
  • Dog parks to train your dog and mingle  with other dog-owners
  • Restaurants, coffee-shops and ice-cream bar…. and the list continues.

For those visiting Gothenburg during spring time, do not (I repeat) DO NOT miss the Azalea-maze (Azaleadalen)!

Look for the sign “Azaleadalen”, it will lead you to this enchanted colorful place.

To see some pictures of this enchanted place, check out my “Azaleadalen” (Swedish Sunday #2) post. :)


To get there

Trams and buses are the easiest way to get to Slottskogen. Bus/Tram stop “Linnéplatsen”. Check timetables on Västtrafik website

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