Jura : Deep forests, stunning waterfalls and French countryside!

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I just spent a week vacation in the province of Jura (France). As soon as our vacation were approved, we packed our bags, jumped in the car and drove all the way down from Sweden to France! I always wanted to explore Jura and let me tell you…it was FANTASTIC! Come have a look :)

Far away from typical touristic places, it is truly an hidden gem. It took us two days to reach Jura but as soon as we stepped out of the car, we put on our hiking boots and hit the trails! We spent the whole week hiking through mountains, deep forests and French countryside landscapes. It was amazing! It was not the “made-for-tourists countryside landscapes” but the real ones. As real as : more cows than people and foreign tourists seen as a strange specie. They probably thought we got lost and that’s why we ended up there.

Anyway. Living abroad, I sometimes miss France and going to Jura was just perfect to relax and to finally speak (a lot) French! :)

If you are fond of great outdoor landscapes and are willing to feed exclusively on French food then Jura is for you!

If you are planning to visit Jura, there are a few places that you should absolutely not miss! I will make a series of posts about them (otherwise this post will be as long as a book!). Until then, just have a look at some of the pictures! Beware : Stunning, amazing, blinding pictures coming!

So, what do you think? Jura for next vacation? :)

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