Rawfoodbaren : Gothenburg delicious raw food restaurant (Swedish Sunday #4)

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Gothenburg first and only ecological raw food restaurant! I bet you have heard about the Raw Food diet. If you haven’t, this vegan diet consists in eating only raw products (yes you read it right!). For those who didn’t know, I am vegan and when I heard about this place I just had to try it to see what was it all about. Curious to see how it went?

I love trying new food and this raw food restaurant promised unknown food experience. I was so excited to try it!

We were very lucky to get a table outside as it is a very small place. When you step in you are directly welcomed by a multitude of raw food delicacies such as amazing looking cheesecakes. For a split-second, I really wondered if those where really “raw food cakes”. I mean…they looked so…perfect.

We ordered a brunch plate (burger, coleslaw with “mayonnaise”, salad, gazpacho, sesame seed bread and dip sauce), a raw food “pizza” and two freshly pressed juices (“Refresh” and “Detox”).


Imagine how good it might be and, let me tell you, you will be far from the reality…It was simply delicious. I wish I had the dressing and pizza dough recipes!

We were already quite full but we just HAD to try one of the cheesecakes we saw earlier on. We ended up with a mini cake (included with the brunch), a “piña colada cheesecake” and a “caramel ice cream”.

RawFoodBaren Deserts

The mini cake was not my favorite but the cheesecake…oh my… I would never have guessed it was “raw”. Recommended!

My dog eating her raw food :)

Dogs are allowed if you sit outside. Our dog might become a raw food dog as she got two carrots from the restaurant and devoured them in an instant. :)

If you are visiting Gothenburg (Göteborg) and are interesting in trying this restaurant, aim to go for lunch as they close quite early : Tuesday – Friday 11:00-18:00 and Saturday 11:00-16:00.

RawFoodBaren Street

To get there

Rawfoodbaren website.

Address : Viktoriagatan 18,
411 25 Göteborg

So, what do you say? Are you in for new food adventures? <3

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  • Raw cheesecake? Wow! that’s a first :)
    Love the vibrancy of the food and the place – thanks for sharing!

    • Yes! I wondered how they are made… I shall try to find a recipe and give it a try. (I will probably not dare posting the photo of the result though :))

  • I loved Goteborg! I’m from Chicago, and there are a lot of raw food restaurants there. I once did 6 months of raw food, 3 meals a day. And one of my favorite dishes that I still eat today, whenever possible, is the raw cheesecake! So good.

    • Your name sounds very Swedish.. Any Swedish ancestors?
      I don’t know many people who visited Gothenburg (most head to Stockholm instead). What did you like the most?
      I am also looking into this raw food diet lifestyle and trying to learn about food combining. So much to learn…
      How did this diet worked out for you?
      About the raw cheesecake…if you have a good recipe….pleeease email it to me. So good :)

      • Yes, my family came to the US from Smaland. Hard-core viking name, “flower-twig” :) “The Avenue” was pretty cool to walk around. And with the cheesecake, I have no recipe. I’m much better at consuming than cooking.

  • This place is now on my travel to do list! (and I’m not even Vegan!)

  • Planning a trip to Gothenburg in September, I will have to give this place a visit!

    • Oh. Are you visiting Sweden? I would love to hear about your itinerary. Are you only visiting Gothenburg? Also make sure to pack some good rain clothes.. it can get wet in September 😉

      • Sure am! Well I shall fly to Stockholm and make my way to Gothenburg then potter about right down south is as detailed as it gets at the mo! Hahaha, yeah cheers for the advice :/ :L

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