Herisson waterfalls : French Niagara falls…

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… or close to it :)

The Herisson Waterfalls (Les Cascades du Hérisson) are a must-see if not THE must-see when visited Jura.

We headed to the Herisson Waterfalls without really knowing what to expect. I had basically seen it on the map earlier that morning and have a “Let’s do it” moment. (I have a lot of those :))

Although you can see the most impressive waterfall by just walking up 5 minutes from the parking lot, it is much more rewarding to walk to do the full hike along the Herisson river. It has no less than 31 waterfalls…

As I didn’t really know what to expect, I didn’t take proper shoes… The walk is very easy but it can get quite muddy and I was wearing sandals…

At the end of the trail, you can see an old watermill. It has been destroyed and rebuilt many times in the past as it was an essential survival and revenue source for the village.

It’s a 3 hours hike but with my “fish-dog” (she loves water), it took us much longer as she wanted to go swimming at every water pool.

See by yourself…

Me and my dog atHerisson waterfall

Herisson waterfall : fish-dog

I saw that there were many other hikes to do in the area. Sadly, we didn’t have the time to try them. Next time maybe :)

So what do you think…Better than Niagara falls? 😉

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