My Ultimate Bucket List

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When I was little, my first and only travel dream was to go to Australia and meet kangaroos (I was a big fan of Skippy :)). Granted, I didn’t know much about the world but that’s probably when my travel itch started. I had to go to Australia!

Sadly I haven’t been to Australia yet (*still saving*) but one thing is sure : the more you travel, the more you want to keep traveling. You know, this syndrome : You barely finished your vacations that you start planning the next ones.

Since my first travel, my to-do list hasn’t stopped getting longer and longer. It is so long that I wonder if I haven’t forgotten my first “to-do’s” which is a shame because they probably were awesome!

It is always fun to see how your goals and aspirations evolve as you become a more experienced traveler. My first travel experiences were “beach resorts” vacations and so were my dream vacations at that point : “beach, pool, food”. Heaven!
I don’t mean that beach resorts are not good, in fact they are really relaxing but my interests have evolved. I discovered the outdoors and I discovered that I love hiking. And if you start thinking about all the amazing trails around the globe to explore.. well it’s about how long my dream bucket list is.

Luckily I am also (slightly) realistic and have shorten it to make it more do-able and readable.

Don’t worry, my childhood dream to go to Australia is still on it. I might keep it till the last moment for a  “Grand Final”! An ultimate “Bucket List Done” celebration travel! Even though I am pretty sure, travel bucket lists can never be totally accomplished. It is dark magic at work which keep them getting longer. :)

My ultimate travel bucket list

Realistic goals

  • Hike Tour du Mont-Blanc (Alps, France/Italy/Switzerland)
  • Step in all five continents
  • Drive the Ring Road in Iceland
  • Climb Mount Kilimanjaro (Tanzania)
  • and .. do a safari in Tanzania
  • Backpack in South America
  • Go trekking in Nepal
  • Volunteer in Africa
  • Hike Kungsleden (Sweden – Lapland)
  • Take yoga classes in India
  • See “Paradise falls” (UP)
  • Visit a tropical island (Snorkeling)
  • Dive in the red sea and see sharks (Egypt)
  • Go canyoning in Zion canyon (USA)
  • Explore New Zealand (Lord of the rings anyone?)
  • Visit all European capitals

Dreamer goals

  • Step in Antarctica
  • Summit Mont-Blanc (Highest peak in Europe)
  • Cross the Sahara by camel
  • Explore the Great Barrier Reef (Australia)

and while we are at it

  • Visit all countries in the world
  • Summit all mountains in the world
  • Go to the moon

And for my grand final – childhood dream

  • Meet Skippy (or its friends) in Australia

I am sure this list will get longer but I hope to cross out most of them in the future (ok, maybe not all my “dreamer goals” :D).

I would be curious to hear about your dream destination… :)

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  • Come to Perth and i’ll take you to see some wild skippys! :-)

    • Don’t tempt me :) I might get in the plane tomorrow!
      (Thanks for the offer :) I heard about an island called “Kangaroo island” that sounds interesting – but it is not near Perth ;))

  • I”m an avid traveller! Nice to see your blog. Alright, I make a lot of such wishes but then forget about them because I don’t note them down.. But yes, many of your “to-do”s matches with mine! I’m from India, and you can imagine what colorful life I have had, travelling this huge country..and beyond. Let me know if you come over to here. There’s much more mysticism and diversity here that maybe you would wanna know! 😀

    • Thanks for the nice comment! I am always happy to meet other traveler addicts :) India is definetely on my to-do list! Just to experience the culture shock. It is so big, it is hard to know where to go first and plan a good itinerary. I would also like to try Yoga in India, just because it sounds cool and it should be “the real thing” there.
      You should visit Sweden. I bet this would be a big reverse culture shock coming from India :)

      • You’re welcome. You should! And don’t worry about an itinerary, I can help you out planning stuff, where you can decide where to go and where not to. I’ll tell you my first hand experience. Just let me know.
        Definitely! I’d love to go there. Scandinavian journeys await, it’s like a dream destination for me. Yes sure. Travelling is life and I wake up everyday to it! :)

  • Awesome awesome awesome.. Feels so good to find like minded people in the blogging community. I have a huge bucket list too. Many of yours items are in my list too.
    I am sure slowly and steadily, this syndrome will keep us going :):)

    Much Love

  • culturalxplorer

    Sounds like you have some great things planned in your future. I used to have a bucket list but it was getting WAY too long, so I scrapped it; now I just collect ideas of places I want to visit in the future by clipping :)

  • Come to my place (Chennai, South India), I’ll be able to arrange you :
    – a nice itinerary (I’ve have done it so many time for myself, my friends, my familly, my collegues …)
    – a yoga class
    – a trip to the Andaman Island (only accessible from India) to do some snorkeling / diving
    And you can eventually stop on the way in Katmandu for a treck in Nepal (Tristan Didier live there).

    Marie (EMAC GSI)

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  • Great Bucket List, Myriam! very similar to my To-Do-Go List :) Step in all five continents, go trekking in Nepal, visit all capitals in Europe!
    Meeting Skippy would be nice too :)

  • HannahontheMap

    Great list! let me know if you ever decide to go backpacking in South America :) I’m planning to go to Australia next year, so hopefully I’ll see you there!

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  • On your way to Australia, make sure you spend some days (or months!) in Indonesia, it’s a great country!

    • I would love to visit Indonesia! I will definitely plan a stop there on my way to Australia and fill my blog with pictures from Indonesia. It looks amazing :)

  • Great choices. I think everyone should have a bucket list. Hope you get to accomplish some, if not all, of them!

  • I like that you’ve broken your bucket list into realistic and dreamer goals. Keep saving for that trip to Australia. I’m sure you’ll love it here :)

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