My five most beautiful places to visit in Jura – France

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This vacation week in Jura passed by quite quickly, too quickly if you ask me. There are so many beautiful places left to discover and we will definitely be back to continue our exploration.

During this week we had the chance to hike in stunning landscapes and chill out in the cutest and most authentic French villages. That is why I wanted to share with you the five places I preferred the most.

Do not miss them! :)

Hérisson waterfalls

It is truly a wonder to not miss when visiting Jura. The main and most impressive waterfall can be seen 100 meters from the parking lot but I would highly recommend you to put on some walking shoes and walk the trail along the Hérisson river. It is a very easy walk which takes about 1-2hours (one way) where you can see all the 31 waterfalls. They might not be as high as the first one but some are much more charming in my opinion. If you go there, please take a picture of your favorite one for me :)

Baumes Les Messieurs

Very cute and authentic Jura village located in a valley with stunning cliffs. There are many hikes in the area but I would advise you walking up to the plateau to get an amazing view over the valley. After the hike, do not miss the opportunity to sit at a café and explore the village. For those who love history and culture, make sure to visit Baume Abbey (sixth century).

Cascades des Tufs aux Planches


Stunning waterfall with amazing hikes to do in the area. If you are visiting Arbois to not miss to stop by this place, it is very close by. It is an easy walk up to the waterfall which you will not regret. :)



Besides its great landscapes, Jura is also know for its gastronomy and especially for its wine and cheese. Arbois is the wine capital of Jura whereas Poligny is its cheese (Comté) capital. Jura is famous for two wines : Vin Jaune and Vin de Paille. Make sure to try a sip of each at one of the many vineyards in Arbois.

Sentier Karstique des Malrochers

Very strange and peculiar forest with a spectacular limestone pavement. It is not so known by tourists but the village has done an amazing job building a 2 x 2,5km trail to visit it. Many stones are also painted into animals and characters to make the walk fun for children. Many caves and strange rock formations to explore. We were alone when we visited it and we both thought it would have been the perfect place to shoot an horror movie… Very peculiar place and much worth a visit! :)

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