Cappadocia Göreme : Swords valley (Kiliclar vadisi)

Cappadocia Göreme Swords valley
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Today’s post will be about Swords valley (Kiliclar Vadisi) in Göreme – Cappadocia, one of the must-see valleys of the area.

First, lets agree on one thing : How cool is this name “Swords valley”! Just for the name, you have to go there and see for yourself what’s up with the “swords” :)

We visited Swords Valley during our first day in Göreme, Cappadocia. We didn’t really make any plans for this day. To be honest, it all started by “let’s go on top of the hill overthere… (Sunset point – amazing)” and continued by “where are all those people going..Göreme Open Air Museum (must-see!)” and ended by “let’s walk around a bit in the valleys”. We only learnt later that the valley we have been visited was Swords Valley.

Cappadocia Göreme Swords valley

The valley is easily accessible from Göreme Open Air museum. Just follow the road back to Göreme and turn right on the dirt road that goes to the Quad centre/camping. Continue on the road and from there it should be indicated.

We actually entered from another path and although we thought it was a very cool valley, we didn’t know which one it was. :)

Cappadocia Göreme Swords valley

Count at least 1-2 hours to fully enjoy the valley and take the time to explore the hidden churches in the fairy chimneys. Do not do like us, take water and some snacks with you. We walked around thinking that we would head back to Göreme for lunch but got caught in a “let’s go explore this other path” mood and by the time we started to get thirsty and hungry we were in the middle of nowhere. Luckily, you can find many little “juice stands” along the main paths. We literally stopped at every shop to grab a freshly squeezed orange/grapefruit juice. (Yummy! – about 5 TL).

On a final note, Swords valley is maybe not the most eye-catching/stunning valley in Cappadocia but it is well worth a visit and make a perfect afternoon walk after a morning visiting Göreme Open air Museum.

Although I believe that the best way to explore and experience Cappadocia is by foot, you can even visit the valleys by quad or horses. So no excuse, off you go :)

Cappadocia Göreme Swords valley

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