Cappadocia – Göreme : Red and Rose valleys – part I

Göreme Red Rose Valley
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Red and Rose valleys are the most popular valleys in Göreme. They are easy to access, easy to walk and offer spectacular landscapes. They do also offer a great deal of small coffee shops along the trails which make them even nicer to visit :)

As explained in my post Cappadocia – Göreme Valleys Trekking Map (which by the way you should have a look at if you are planning to visit the Göreme), we decided to walk Red and Rose valleys on our second day of vacations in Cappadocia.  We followed Café Natural owner’s advise and walked the trail of the Orange valley (see map) before heading to the more frequented Red and Rose valleys. This was definitely a great tip and I recommend any of you to do the same if you have the whole day available to explore the area. It is not a difficult trail and it is worth the extra visit time!

We departed from the hotel quite early as we wanted to avoid the scorching afternoon sun. The trail starts off the road passing Göreme Open Air Museum. Just follow the road till you reach a camping and turn slightly left on the dirt path. It is not far and takes about 15 minutes.

Göreme Red Rose Valley

You will crossed some grape and pumpkin fields and have an amazing view of the valleys. Truly breathtaking.

The only “tricky part” of the trail is to walk down to the bottom of the valley. This can get a little slippery but nothing a normally fit person can’t do. There is also the option to descend on the butt 😉

When you reach the bottom of the valley just turn left and follow the trail. You cannot get lost. There is only one path and it is very well marked. I was really surprised our luxuriant the valley was. It was so lush, green and fresh. There were trees, plants and water…amazing and compared to the dry landscape of its neighbor Sword valley, a stunning contrast.

Göreme Red Rose Valley

After about 30 min, we reached Café Natural, a really cute coffee shop. We sat to enjoy a Turkish Brunch and a freshly squeezed orange juice. I warmly recommend this place. We did try all the coffee shops we encountered on our Cappadocia hikes (an “orange/grapefruit juice” marathon one could say :)) and Café Natural was one of my favorites. The owner explained us that he comes here every year with his friends and camp all summer. They walk the trail back to the village daily to get supplies for their coffee shop but otherwise they like to stay there and enjoy the nature. Quite a nice way to spend a vacation.

We then continued on the trail. The forest started to disappear, the valley became drier and we could finally admire the stunning surrounding cliffs and hidden churches. You can also observe a change of rock colors from white to beige-ish – pink-ish indicating that you are approaching Red and Rose valley.

Göreme Red Rose Valley

Göreme Red Rose Valley

After about 40 minutes, we reached the crossing that we missed the day before. In regards, I can say that we luckily missed it otherwise we wouldn’t have discovered this splendid “jungle” valley and its really charming café.

Göreme Red Rose Valley

After the turn, we entered the famous Göreme Red Valley…. (the story will continue in the next article :))

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