Cappadocia – Göreme : Love valley

Love Valley
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After our visit of Uçhisar and its rock citadel, it was time for us to explore the most famous valley of all Cappadocia : Love Valley!

Why the name? Well, wait to see the pictures and you will understand…

To reach Love Valley, we walked down the same road we took up to Uçhisar. We passed a gem/museum boutique and continued strait down on a dirt path.

After some minutes, we saw a sign pointing down into the valley on the left. A bit unsure we asked a local selling fresh orange juice and yes it was the way and yes we took a juice (juice marathon remember! :))

Love Valley

This is the view of the valley entrance you have from the road.

Love Valley

The cliffs are quite stunning. It seems like there is a little door at the bottom of one column. I am not sure if you see it…

Love Valley

The way down was easier than I thought. Even if it looked slippery, the rocks have a granular texture that creates a good grip with the shoes. So no worry, just head downhill!

Love Valley

You quickly reach a flat and comfortable sandy trail. It felt like walking on the way to the beach…

Love Valley

We were really lucky with the weather. It was warm but have you seen bluer sky?

The valley is not very long and it takes about 30 min to reach the heart of Love Valley. There, you shall see and understand why the name…

 Love Valleygot it?…

Love Valley

The most sensitive and polite persons will describe the fairy chimneys as being of the shape of mushrooms. I leave it to your own interpretations :)

Love Valley

The exit of Love Valley is not far from there. You will quickly reach the main road leading you back to Göreme. If like us you have some energy left, you can continue walking and visit the ghost town of Ortahisar for only one hour extra of walking…(post coming :))

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