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Cappadocia – Göreme : Red and Rose valleys – Part III

Cappadocia Rose valley

Here is it! The final part of the serie : Cappadocia – Göreme : Red and Rose Valleys :)

At the end of my latest article, we reached the end of the Red Valley trail which finished on a plateau with a stunning view. Now it is time to continue our hike and visit Rose valley (called Güllüdere).

If you liked the first parts of this trail then come have a look at this “grand final”, you won’t be disappointed :) Read more

Cappadocia – Göreme Valleys Trekking Map

Göreme Red Rose Valley

For those who have been to Turkey before, you know how extremely difficult it is to get a precise “up-to-date” map of the country. Mission impossible.

When we arrived to Cappadocia – Göreme, we naively thought that we would find a detailed map of the area at the tourist office. We had planned to spend a week trekking and walking around in the valleys so needless to say that we needed this (holy grail) map. Thankfully we got a “map” (more like a drawing) of Göreme’s valleys from our hotel. Although it was better than nothing it, I must say that it was the most confusing map I have seen. (I shall try to scan it an upload it on the blog so you can see what I mean… different names, confusing paths, etc..). Read more