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Rawfoodbaren : Gothenburg delicious raw food restaurant (Swedish Sunday #4)


Gothenburg first and only ecological raw food restaurant! I bet you have heard about the Raw Food diet. If you haven’t, this vegan diet consists in eating only raw products (yes you read it right!). For those who didn’t know, I am vegan and when I heard about this place I just had to try it to see what was it all about. Curious to see how it went? Read more

Slottskogen : the heart of Gothenburg (Swedish Sunday #1)

Slottskogen Lake

Today’s post will be the first post of my “Swedish Sundays” series where every Sunday I will post about one of my favorite places in Sweden.

My first “Swedish Sunday” is about an amazing park in Gothenburg (Göteborg) : “Slottskogen” (translated “The castle’s forest”). This is an absolute must-see when visiting Gothenburg. If you are lucky enough to come during the spring – the Azalea-maze is a wonder to not miss. Come have a look! :) Read more